Principal and staff profiles

Welcome from our Principal

Miss Penny Sweeney, School Principal

As the Principal of Department Primary School, I’d like to welcome you to our friendly school community. Here, we all work together to make sure our school is as supportive of student learning and development as possible.

I’m excited to lead this school because of its reputation for community involvement and its commitment to learning outcomes. I also get to work with a great team who are just as motivated as I am in promoting positive behaviour in the classroom.

I’m passionate about making sure every child has the opportunity to succeed. I make sure we can adapt and evolve our approach to teaching. We embrace technology and allow students to explore emerging fields within their learning.

I encourage discussion and feedback to make sure we’re meeting your child’s needs.

Meet our Leadership Team

Meet our Leadership Team

Eleanor Rawson

Deputy Principal

Eleanor Rawson, Deputy Principal

Elly Currin

Student Well Being Leader

Elly Currin, Student Well Being Leader

Dom Stevens

Trauma Informed Practice Leader

Dom Stevens, Trauma Informed Practice Leader

Kylie Holmes

Literacy Co-ordinator - Primary

Kylie Holmes, Literacy Co-ordinator - Primary

Erica Goodfellow

R-3 Special Education/Intervention and Literacy Co-ordinator

Erica Goodfellow, R-3 Special Education/Intervention and Literacy Co-ordinator

Teaching staff

Reception Teachers

Hayley Staite/ Aimee Mumford

Reception Teacher

Kathleen Walker

Reception Teacher

Ashlyn Chin

Reception Teachers

Suada Smajlovic/Danni Drew

Year 1 Teacher

Angus Baker

Year 1 Teacher

Shannon Summers

Year 1 Teacher

Tracy Easton

Year 2 Teachers

Emily D'Antini/ Danni Drew

Year 2 Teacher

Michelle Walford

Year 2/3 Teacher

Kirra Taylor

Year 3 Teacher

Barb Plumridge

Year 3 Teachers

Felicity Nelson/ Raj Kaur

Year 3/4 Teacher

Valerie Romeo

Year 4 Teacher

Mirsada Sabanovic

Year 4/5 Teacher

Kylie Bickerdike

Year 5 Teacher

Justin D'Antini

Year 5 Teacher

Kelly Eastburn

Year 6 Teachers

Helen Woodifield/Emily Arscott

Year 6 Teacher

Alex Murdock

Special Classes

JP Special Class R/1/2

Mel Watts/ Cherie Venables

JP Special Class R/1/2

Sharon Steele/ Lisa Watkins

Primary Special Class Year 3/4/5/6

Mel Harris

Specialist Subjects

Design and Technology

Mark Seal/Mel Quinn


Paul McKeown/ Deb Paget


Nicola Spencer

Admin Support Staff

Front Office

Susan Gameau

Executive Secretary to Leadership

Amalija Kadi

Finance/ Facilities

Raegan Herbst

Business Manager

Charlene Warrington