Swallowcliffe School P-6 is a growing Northern Adelaide, Metro Primary School. Special features of the site include two Junior Primary and one Primary special class, on-site Preschool and on-site, outsourced OSHC. The school is located in Davoren Park, Elizabeth.

The school commenced an exciting phase of its history this year with the appointment of the Principal for a 7-year tenure and subsequent engagement of a leadership team whose roles further reflect long term commitment to leadership of the newly developed Site Improvement foci, of Literacy, Numeracy, Dispositions for Learning and Early years.

Plans to reflect long term commitment, whole school common practice and stability for the Swallowcliffe teaching and learning community, are being replicated further through on-going engagement of permanent teaching positions.

Our staff are committed to our mission statement of ‘empowering learners to realise and optimise, their full learning potential’ and we believe we can achieve this through whole school focus on our values of honesty, respect and achievement and through a strong focus on school pride and the development of students’ abilities and language to foster individual, positive growth mindsets.

Working in a positive way with our families and community members is key to Learner achievement and is an on-going focus for the future. We have an active Governing Council and Parent Group who support us in making Swallowcliffe a community that values and respects individuals and embraces diversity.


We have specialist teaching around the following subjects;

In Science, we do lots of exciting investigations and experiments, as well as learning about different science skills along the way. We have visitors from different fields of Science come to share their experiences and show how Science can open up many different paths for learning and careers.

We also focus on learning how to think critically and work together to solve problems. These are linked to real-world situations, which could be related to our local area, the country, or globally.

Science is everywhere, and being used every day, by everybody. By developing a sound knowledge and understanding of this area, we can use it to positively impact our community and the world.

Health and Physical Education

At Swallowcliffe School P-6 we recognise Health and PE as an integral and highly valued part of the Australian Curriculum we teach.  Health and PE teaches students how to enhance their own health, safety and wellbeing.  We aim to empower students to develop the knowledge and skills to strengthen their sense of self, build and manage positive relationships and to help in the acquisition of movement skills which will enable them to participate in a range of physical activities.

Healthy, active living benefits individuals and society in many ways. As a result, we help foster a life-long love for sports by offering students the opportunity to participate in various SAPSASA events, our Saturday morning school football teams as well as PE lessons.  These opportunities help students learn about and practise team-work, develop a sense of fair play and sportsmanship, as well as simply having fun with their friends.

Through teaching Health and PE, we aim to help our students become resilient and to make healthy lifestyle decisions, which they will benefit from through their entire life.

Technology is a new Specialist area we are introducing. Our intention is to use this new area to more broadly give children opportunities to take their digital media use to deeper levels, through expert teaching. We also aim to provide opportunities for children to apply critical thinking skills to design and explore through the use of robotics, maths and science.

At Swallowcliffe School P-6, music helps reinforce all types of learning including literacy, language and other academic areas. Our music program explores the fundamental principles of collaboration, musicianship and composition. All students participate in building these areas through engaging with a variety of instruments including guitars, keyboards and drums.

‘Students who engage in music learning perform better academically, contribute to their communities, form positive relationships, continue their education into university, earn more through their lives and age better, physically and cognitively.’


Dr Anita Collins, Neuro-musical educator

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